Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Dirtdogs? Nah. More Like Boston Dirtbags.

You know, all the Red Sox fans are always getting on our case, talking about how George Steinbrenner is a P.O.S., how we have an "Evil Empire", and how we aren't so much a team, but a group of overpaid individuals. Well, guess what? So far this offseason, you're no better than us. In fact, you're worse! To wit:

1. Luccino selling out his protege with a press leak.
2. Manny asking (again) to get traded.
3. Schilling piping in to every radio staion and rag everytime news hits.
4. Johnny D promoting himself relentlessly the day the Sox get knocked out.

Stop throwing rocks and start running for cover.

It's kind of like watching a train wreck up there in Boston. There is NO WAY that that team is going past the ALDS next year. There are simply far too many distractions and the changes are far too drastic. Think about it. Your main man Epstein is gone. And, you don't even have the assistant GM, who is familiar with the system and how it has been set up, to take over, since he jetted to Arizona. Then, you may have a whole new outfield. Who's playing left when Manny leaves? What bat can possibly replace Manny? Who takes over for Damon in center? What leadoff guy do you get instead? And, are you really going to stick with the Trot/Millar platoon in left? Ugh. It's just nasty. On top of all that, you need to figure out who's on first, what's at second, and I don't know is on third... It's a comedy and a tragedy all at once.

Good luck!


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shut the fuck up.

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