Monday, October 17, 2005

The Umpires Strike Back

Man, everything I watched over the weekend featured bad calls that changed the game. Not just the Halos-ChW, but Notre Dame-USC, Penn State-Michigan, NYG-Dallas. Was it the full moon? WHAT'S GOING ON??

It all started with that deal with Robinson Cano running inside the baseline and now it's out of control. It was an accurate call, but not in the "spirit" of the rules since he was really running toward the base. You'll remember Jeter last year who was called out because he was trying to block Mirabelli's view. THAT's when you call it. Whatever the reason, it has now come back to slap the Angels' in the face.

It'll be funny if it's the Stros vs. the ChW, considering what I wrote last week. Part of the problem with me is the ChW aren't as cuddly as the Rastros. Carl Everett makes me ill and Jermaine Dye and Konerko are personality challenged. And somebody should slap AJ Pierzynski - what a complete retard. That Rowand guy is a weasel in the same vein as Spike Owen. Crede is pretty cool and I'm warming up to Podsednik. Garland is a monster. Ya like to root for him.

What kind of juice has Contreras been drinking? He's like a different guy. He used to be a reliable gopher guy in the playoffs. More dirt I have to eat because I completely dissed the Contreras/El Duque and Garland/Buehrle foursome back in July or August. Now they are the 4 kings.


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Question: Has Blue shot himself?


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