Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Sox 14, Sox 2

The ChW is on a mission and we should recognize it: It’s the same mission we were on last year. But running up the score doesn’t phase the good Sox and they’ll bounce back to take this series, even if they have to win 3 in a row. Hey, you knew they hit more taters than us during the regular season.

Something else we should recognize: Matt Clement SUCKS. He’s had his chance down the stretch and he’s given us nothing. There’s no way we can let him out there for Game 5. Gee, that was a good off-season pick up Theo. I hope his season is over. And let’s not forget Miller and Mantei – they’ve helped a lot too. Maybe Theo’s the one that should have gotten hit in the head.

Give me Arroyo, at least he’s been in these situations before. I hope Francona playing Arroyo in the 9th inning last night means that we’re getting Arroyo’s feet wet in preparation for a Game 5.

Now that the Yankees have won Game 1 – decisively – it’s certain they will move on to the ALCS. And in that round, the Unit will get TWO starts. Bummer. Despite my shrieking at the TV, the LAA (of A) were emotionless. The Shmanks yanked the Colon out of Bartolo. When they didn’t touch Leiter, you knew it was their last opportunity and lights out.


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