Thursday, October 06, 2005

Nuclear Winter

First of all, were you shocked we couldn’t get Graffanino home from 2nd with 1 out in the 9th? I sure was. This game cost me another TV remote – this time smashed against the coffee table, and this time I couldn’t fix it – but it still never occurred to me we would actually lose until the last out. The ChW outfielders won that game, with their sheer acre-age.

The most astute observation of the night was when Sutcliffe pointed out how much they missed Dave Roberts – or even Kapler – with Trot on 1st and 1 out in the 8th. (And btw – wtf is Piazza doing there?)

So we may be on the brink kids, but I’m standing by all of these previous statements until the nuclear winter sets in:

- As predicted, we’re still going to take the ChW down. You’re supposed to lose the games on the road – that’s why they play the 162-game season. The ChW will learn a lesson in Game 5. Oh yes. They’ll learn a lesson in Game 5.
- The Yankees are going all the way. If they don’t, it should go down in history as the most EXPENSIVE, most HUMILIATING, most EMBARRASSING underachievement of all time. And how delicious would that be on the heels of the most EXPENSIVE, most HUMILIATING, most EMBARRASSING choke of all time? Sadly, however, they’re going to play Houston and win every game 3-1, 4-2, etc. It will be excruciatingly boring. So at least it will be humiliating from that perspective. Oh – and I will not watch that World Series unless I go through one of my prolonged periods of self-loathing.
- As a fan, I have but one remaining mission: to prevent the above Yankee scenario from occurring. Sadly the only weapon in my arsenal is this lightning-quick sense of humor.
- Thank God I’m nowhere near as emotional about this as last year. Thank God we got that ring. Thank God I’m not very religious.
- Thank God I have that “2004 World Series Champions” 10-DVD box set sitting atop the TV, calling to me, beckoning for me to open.

You know who’s laughing right now? Pedro.


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