Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Nine Bubba's

I have to eat some dirt, because I repeatedly picked the Yankees to win it all this year. They had the best line-up, they had playoff experience, and their pitching was as good as anyones, except maybe the Astro's. I also was under the mistaken impression that they wanted it the most. In fact it was my mantra. Based on the outcomes of '01-'04, didn't it make sense that the Yankees would be the hungriest?

Guess not. In those 5 games against the LAA of A it became pretty obvious which guys didn't care. Let's name names, shall we?

A-Rod - didn't care.
Sheffield - didn't care.
Big Unit - didn't care.
Mussina - didn't care.
Torre - That's right, kids! Joe Torre DID NOT CARE and will continue to NOT CARE! Disagree with me? Think about this: How many heads would Lou Piniella have bashed by mid-May had he been running the show? And how many mouths would he have shut? Do you think A-Rod would perform in the clutch for Sweet Lou? Yeah buddy! With Joe, there are no consequences.

In fact, I think Joe hates George so much that he loves when the Yankees lose! What's George gonna do ... fire Joe? Truth is, it's George that has to take the blame for all 5 of these head cases. The lesson of the year is, free agent mercenaries with guaranteed monster contracts won't win you World Series championships (unless of course their name is Manny... or Curt). The point being you can't build a team around the mercenaries; the mercenaries should fill in the gaps of your existing core team. I'll take it one step further. The Yankees won't win another one until they dump 2 or 3 of these 5 guys. Anyway, as long as we're naming names, let's talk about who DID care:

Jeter - Amazingly, he raised his game in the clutch AGAIN.
Giambi - Just like Jeter with the clutch hits. A medical superstar, but a superstar nonetheless.
Posada - Played gritty and great, starting in September (and it hurts my pancreas to say it).
Mariano & Flash - Why do people ever doubt these guys? Only the Sawx can beat them!
Matsui - He slumped, but he cared - you could tell by the hustle.
Chacon - In retrospect, the rotation should have been set up for him to pitch twice.
Bubba - That's right, I said BUBBA! Put 9 Bubbas on the field and the Yankees would have won. Kind of like 9 Trots.

9 Bubbas vs. 9 Trots! That's our strategy for next year. OK Blue? You'd watch.


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