Saturday, October 08, 2005

Game Over!

Well at least now we know what that Fortune Cookie meant. And in other news, there was a 7.6 earthquake in Pakistan...

2005 was the 1990s all over again. Not the kind of season where we had the best team and lost it at the buzzer by some Wagnerian plot twist (i.e., '46, '78, '86, and '03). And not the kind of season where we may - or may not - have had the best team, but certainly had enough spunk and grit and teamsmanship and DESIRE to actually pull it off (i.e., '67, '75, and '04).

No, this was like the playoff teams of '95, '98, and '99. The kind of season where we had a 2-man team that was just good enough to squeak into the playoffs (i.e., Nomar & Mo = Manny & Papi). And by the end, everyone else on the team was game, but not worthy of contributing something BIG. They seemed more like cheerleaders than players. Spectators.

I'm reminded of Theo saying that his goal is to get the team to the playoffs every year and then see what happens. Suddenly that doesn't seem like a lofty enough goal. RSN deserves another title or two out of this core team.

Let's get to the email:

- No, I really wasn't very upset last night, and I'm still not. (No busted remotes.) The Sox just weren't giving us any reasons to believe - not as many reasons as the other 6 teams are giving anyway (omitting the Pods of course).
- Having said that, I will be irreversibly depressed if the Yankees win this puppy. IRREVERSIBLY DEPRESSED. I was chanting "Beat the Yankees!" with the Fenway crowd.
- The thing I AM sad about right now is that we might be closing the book on the Manny and Johnny D chapters. DON'T LOSE THEM THEO!! PLEEEEEEEEASE DON'T LOSE THEM!!
- And three core dirt dogs are probably out of here as free agents - Timlin, Billy Mill, and Millar. I understand Timlin is 40, but MAN, he did everything we asked of him and more. Billy Mill - I love you and that was a nice September, but a championship team needs more consistency at the corners. Millar - I love you too and I want you on my team forever, but you dug your own grave, bro. You looked like you were running on empty. But I appreciate that you gave it everything in '04.
- People who would even THINK to compare Graffanino's error to Buckner's error are idiots who understand nothing about Red Sox history. IDIOTS! Shut up about it.
- Being a part of RSN isn't about winning. It's about being a part of RSN... and winning. That was the common theme of our conversations with people in Philly, Minneapolis and Baltimore this year. (That, and "HOLY @#$%!, CAN YOU BELIEVE WE'RE THE WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS??)
- No, I don't understand Blue's thing with Schilling. He's explained it 40 times and I still don't get it. Nada. Zip. Let's move on.
- Yes, I think Francona could have gone deeper into the pen during September. It seems like our last solid winning streak was that week in early Sept when each starter went 9 innings. Hmm. And there were enough underused Delcarmens and Hansens out there to make me wonder why we kept beating the same mediocre middle relievers into the ground.
- To those of you Yankee fans who came out of the woodwork to email or call me after we were down 2-0, I have nothing to say to you. You know who you are. I've been here all season - post a comment or something!

End of Season Up/Down -

Sox officially up: Manny, Papi, ER, Papelbon, Wake, Boomer
Sox officially down: Clement, Arroyo, Millar (should I add Miller and Mantei?)
Sox we survived without: Pokey, Menkawitz, Cabrera (but just barely on all counts)
Sox we didn't survive without: Pedro, D Lowe, Roberts, and (gasp) Jay Payton.
Supporting Sox that can bring us another title: Tek, Mirabelli, Trot, Olerud, Myers, Graffanino... and Hanley Ramirez!
Not on the list: Schilling and Foulke. Where were you guys? Nobody ever said we'd have to do this without YOU! Get in shape for next year, will ya?


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