Monday, October 10, 2005

Game Not Over!

At the very least, the Yankees have one more to go. After underachieving and blowing the past two games, the boys in blue decided to actually put up a fight last night. Now, we leave it in the hands of Mussina. That's a scary thought. He isn't exactly a choker, but he's not exactly clutch. He's somewhere in between. I'm predicting 5 inning outings by both he and Colon, with a bullpen catfight and a couple of timely dingers to end the game. Not sure who will come out on top, but I'm very glad we have the lineup we do.

Now, regarding my predictions... I'm very disappointed I only got 2 out of 3 right. Honestly, I really wanted it to be a Yankees/Sox ALCS. The problem is that it's the WRONG Sox. How epic would it have been to repeat last year? Oh well, I guess we'll just have to do it in 2006.

Now, some random comments:

* Bernie, we're gonna miss you. But, we're not gonna miss your legs and weak-ass arm.
* I feel bad for the Atlanta Braves. They're like the girl who everyone wants to fool around with, but no one wants to date.
* Cardinals look really tough.
* I'm not upset about Clemens being on the Astros. It's Pettitte that I really miss.
* Chacon is a stud.
* I really hope we don't have to rely on Tom Gordon tonight. If we do, I pray that he keeps the buffet down.
* If the Yanks get past the Angels, I wonder if their knowledge of El Duque and Contreras will help them. Regardless, they'll need something...
* Yankee bandwagon people can go to hell. Apparently some of them had the nerve to go and taunt Red. That pisses me off. Particularly because our team hasn't done squat yet. The rules are: (1) Don't taunt; (2) If you have to taunt, don't do it until your team has won something. Like a World Series ring. Pfffft.
* Why did Johnny D go and have to run his mouth? Now he's truly an idiot. I don't want him on the Yankees. Give me Andruw Jones or Juan Pierre instead...


Anonymous Yanks fan said...

Maybe the Yanks can work out some deal through the comish's office and get 1 of the vaunted Red sox pitching staff to help them win tonight.On second thought the red sox staff is worse then the Yanks staff.

4:44 PM  

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