Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Day After

Like Teddy KGB said in the movie Rounders, "I feel so unsatisfied..."

I also feel gypped, mad, and sad. Arrrgh. This team is not a team. It's just a bunch of individual, overpaid, underachieving losers. I'm sick and tired of it.

Where the hell was A-Rod in this series? I've stood up for him God knows how many times, saying that he's clutch. He was clutchin' only one thing - his ballsack.

Hey Hideki, could you have been any worse? I mean, you muffed so many easy plays in the field while doing almost nothing with the bat. Yeah, Tyler or some other wiseacre mook will say "He made a nice play in foul territory", but I don' t give a crap. If he misses it, it's still freakin' foul - no real harm there. But, God forbid someone hits a liner towards him.

Bubba, ya gotta call Sheff off!!!

Sheff, ya gotta trust the kid!

Mussina shouldn't be called Moose, he should be called the Cooler. If the Yankees have a winning streak, he'll end it. If they need a win, he won't get it. Speaking of which, wasn't his first season 2001? Pffft.

Hey Randy, thanks for showing up last night. Too bad you couldn't do that when you started Game 3...

Bernie, you're only a shell of your old self. Have fun in Toronto.

Ruben, you did me proud in Game 4. If only you could stay healthy.

Robinson, how could you have tried to steal second in the 2nd with no outs and Santana scared as a kitten? How?

Flash, you were great.

Jeet - Nice hitting. Too bad you couldn't carry everyone. Too bad everyone needed the ride.

Hey Joe, why the hell did you start Jaret Wright in the last game of the season against the Sox? If you really wanted to win it, you would have put Aaron Small in there.

Umps - Nice calls. Did you have money on the game?

I wish we had been swept like our rivals. It would have been easier on my heart.

Ok, now that I got that out of my system, I've got this to say:

It was a good baseball season, though $220 million should get you fewer headaches, no?

It was tons of fun watching the last two weeks of the season play out.

I'm happy the Yankees got to the playoffs.

It was great to see them compete in Game 1.

Cashman deserves to go to the Orioles. He'll be happier there and Angelos will let him breathe.

If Torre wants out, let him go. Have Girardi take the job. He can do it.

I am happy we gave Cano a chance and didn't trade him. He'll be here for a long time.

Despite my issues with A-Rod this postseason, I do think our infield is second to none.

The outfield will work itself out next year.

Maybe Matsui will be here, maybe he'll be gone. We'll see.

We will definitely have a better center fielder next year. Can't get any worse, can it?

I think a nice starting rotation would be Big Unit, Shawn Chacon, Aaron Small, Chien Ming Wang, and Mussina.

If possible, trade Jaret Wright or Carl Pavano. They're National Leaguers. They don't belong in the hitting league.

Get rid of Embree. Sign Leiter to be our left-handed specialist and possible starter fill-in.

Give Flash whatever he wants.

Give Flaherty more time behind the plate, allowing Posada to rest a bit more.

Keep Tino around on the bench and as a defensive replacement for Steroid-boy. We need some of that old Yankee blood around, even if he's only hitting .241

Jettison Womack. He blows.

Bubba stays.

That's all for now. I'll be checking in during the offseason.


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