Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Changing Stripes

I know I said I would be rooting for the White Sox to win it all. But I have changed my mind, which is my prerogative as a woman. (I know, I know. What EVER. Just keep reading...)

Somewhere during the Sox-Sox series, it hit me: Have the White Sox REALLY endured any pain since 1917? Not counting the Shoeless Joe thing, I don't think so. Have they been brought to the brink of victory generation after generation, only to have it snatched away at the moment of redemption? Naah. Not even close.

They had 1959 where they lost to the Dodgers, back when everybody lost to the Dodgers. They've made the post-season once each in the 80s, 90s and 00s, but they have disappeared silently, without a trace. No Buckners, no Bucky Dents, no billy goats, no Bartmans. Just silence. This has to be the most boring curse in all of sports.

Now compare them to the Astro's. In the past 25 years (we won't count the 60s or 70s), the Rastro's have been in the playoffs EIGHT times. That about 1 of every 3 years. They've been tantalizing close in the NLCS several times, most notably a horrifying luck-fest by the Mets in 86. In many of those years their pitching was by far the best in the NL, if not in all of MLB. Nolan Ryan, JR Richard, Mike Scott, etc. You could argue there's more of a curse going on here than with the White Sox, and certainly much more pain for the fans. You know what I'm saying. Seriously: how much does it hurt the ChW fans to finish 4th in the AL Central every year? You and I both know they're not paying attention by August 1st. They're just going to the ballpark for the beer.

Three years ago, I could have favorably compared the Angels to the White Sox as well. But no longer. The LAA of A act like what they are - a team of champions. And as I watch their games against the ChW, I realize there's no way I can root against them. You'll recall the Halos kept me company through a lonely O.C. stretch in the 80s, when I was the NKOTB, and I'll never forget them for that. And watching them this year, as recent champions with a chip on their shoulders, they remind me of what the Sox (the Red ones) SHOULD HAVE BEEN this year. Especially when you factor in Orlando Cabrera. Man, is he AWESOME to watch, or what? CLUTCH! I don't think I knew it until this week, but the Angels are my #2 team. Solidly. (And I didn't even know I was allowed to have a #2 team.)

Which brings me to the Cardinals, a team with a history of very little heartbreak and more WS titles than any team except the Yank-ems. And the Cards, truth be told, are probably going to win this thing anyway. Which won't break my heart either - as you know, I have a family connection to StL-KC. (OK, you got me. Long story short, I'm OK with any of the 4 teams winning it this year!) 8^)

Anyway, back to the ChW. Granted, I'll give you that the White Sox are the coolest team in Chicago. And it'll be great if they win. But I don't think it will be the moment of redemption for the city or the fans that people are expecting. No way. But if the Astro's win, i think you'll hear some hallelujah's. So give me the Astro's and Angels in the WS. And then ask me the same question again next week ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Normally I wouldn't criticize a Red Sox fan, but learn to use grammar. "Astro's" would generally refer the something belonging to Astro (the Jetson's dog?). Learn to speak right and maybe people will respect your blog.

11:58 PM  
Blogger Andy said...

I'm with you, Red. Of course it's my Red Sox first, then the Mariners (Seattle is my second home town), but after that it's definitely the Angels. Cabrera was friggin' awesome for us, I'm a fan of his for life. And how can you not like Vlad? That guy rules.

Boy, you guys have some real dickheads commenting on your blog (hopefully I'm not one of them). I get a little of that on my page as well. Putting someone down because of their grammar is SO LAME! Get a life, "Anonymous".

2:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're right Andy. The signs of an intelligent human being are 1) inability to have a well thought-out statement ("after the Red Sox and Mariners, it's definitely the Angels" - gee, let's have a team of convenience here...) and 2) knowledge of how to use the freaking language. It's a pet peeve of mine these idiots who don't know the difference between "its" and "it's", and Red apparently doesn't if he refers to the team from Houston as the "Astro's". If he wants his thoughts put out for a public eye, he should either be able to face the music or learn to get it right. Or just not blog.

Oh, and by the way, Cabrera is the anti-Alex Rodriguez. No pop in the regular season (.257-8-57), but apparently gets it done in October. Not sure if that justifies his money or "friggin' awesome".

BTW, the National Grammar Rodeo is next week in Canada... maybe you should attend and see how lame it is.

11:12 AM  
Blogger Andy said...

Your pet peeves are nobody else's concern or responsibility last I checked, and neither is your inability to comprehend a rather simply put statement. Perhaps if you came down off that high horse of yours people would respect your comments, and perhaps if you used less confrontational language you wouldn't seem like such a douchebag. Sorry, but being grammar police for the wide world of weblogs must be such a grave responsibility. I know I'll sleep better knowing you're out there nastily pointing out every misplaced apostrophe.

2:05 AM  
Anonymous Brent said...

Wow is "anonymous" a tool or what. I guess we must have missed the part where posting comments on a blog was graded. Get a damn life "anonymous".

8:21 PM  

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