Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A Blue Streak

It must be acknowledged here, in print, that Nathan is the baseball man of the year for 2005.

He mounted a furious playoff run in our fantasy league, making roster changes to his pitching staff on a daily basis, and actually won the whole darn thing. In Round 1, he clobbered the pretending Petrovickies, and in the Semi-Finals he took out the Commish himself (starting with his kneecaps and working his way up). In the Finals he edged out the Embodied Whatevers (who had elminated me in a nailbiter). It was a thrilling two-week matchup that wasn’t decided until the last game was played on Oct 2. If a fantasy baseball team is a Tamagotchi, Blue’s team grew up to become Godzilla. Congrats bro!

But that ain’t all. Blue also won our Suck League. The Suck League featured the same players from the real league, but with the intent to build the worst team of everyday players. In other words, the worst team was the best team. Instead of HRs and RBIs, you scored points with Es, GIDPs and Balks, etc. So Blue figured out that math problem too. In fact, as a complete goof, he won with a team that had almost the identical roster as his real team! In any event, Blue wears two well-deserved crowns in 2005. I bow to you twice my bon homme.

Now - we just need to somehow somehow SOMEHOW make sure the same doesn’t happen for the Evil Emp. Two out of three ain’t bad, but I don’t think I can handle Blue scoring the full Trifecta. OK? Thanks.


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