Thursday, October 27, 2005

And Then There Was One...

1918 went away last year. 1917 went away this year. I wonder if next year we'll have the opportunity to shut up the last group of whiney bitches... Probably not, but there's always hope. There's always hope.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are NOT wanting the Cubs to win next year. Admit it. You are practically DYING to have the Yanks win again (for the first time this century, I might add).

3:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any comments on Manny demanding to be traded? He said that he refuses to come to spring training, even if he is still on the team. How much power does this mean he has if he is a 10-5 guy. The sox could be ready to make a great trade, and he could veto it if, say, they were to send him to Milwaulkee or somewhere cold like that. I'm sure Manny doesn't want to be traded just anywhere, which means that he will ultimately destroy the team. He should only be traded for top of the line pitching (Clemens or Pettite, for example) and Andruw Jones-type hitting. Opinions?


11:36 AM  

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