Friday, October 21, 2005


When Pujols smoked that thing, I thought it was Baylor/Hendu all over again, with Brad Lidge playing the role of Donnie Moore. I watched the 7th-9th innings with a chili burger in a placed called “The Dive Bar” on 96th St and the place went CRAZY. I thought that would wake up the Cards and carry them all the way in. Guess not.

I think you’ve gotta love this Series. Both teams are good guys that have the whole loveable loser thing going. So someone who needs it is gonna get it. I won’t know for sure who I’m REALLY rooting for until the games start. (And I’ll let you know.) At this particular moment, I still feel the Stros have the much more painful history, and as a Red Sox fan that seems to be the best way to make the call in this situation.

That is, if you’re past the whole Roger thing, which I definitely am. In fact, Roger’s continued overachievement is clearly more of a stick in the eye to the ole Yankees. Pettitte too. And Contreras. And El Duque. And…

But having said that… Man, it is hard to look past the whole 1917 thing. That’s a mighty long time kids, and I’m here to tell ya: that’s 1918 plus one. Or minus one. Or whatever. But you know what the difference is? There was never a stadium filled with 50,000 drunken, angry rivals chanting “1917” at all the crucial moments in the game. The White Sox historically never threatened anyone. And who are their rivals again? Detroit? Cleveland? Did they ever chant “1917” in the Homerdome? And where did the Brewers go?

The ChW are more the team of exploding scoreboards, elephants in the infield, Bermuda shorts, disco demolition night, and midgets – a very weird recurring midget theme. Midget astronauts, midget pinch hitters, midget win totals. Midgets. Little people. It’s as if they were trying NOT to threaten anyone. Isn't it? Say it ain’t so.

But having said that… I will definitely get choked up the moment the ChW win it all and Fox starts showing their fans celebrating. And it will bring back some niiiiiice memories of our own.


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