Saturday, September 10, 2005

Winning Ugly

Talk about winning ugly! Neither of these teams look playoff-worthy at the moment. In fact, they look a little jittery to me, and they're making me nervous just watching. Last year seemed mano a mano. This year seems like the LLWS. I just watched the Cardinals club the Mets and they look ROCK SOLID. I've caught the Angels recently too, and their game is ON. Can you handle StL vs LAA? How bout the ChW? Having said that:

Schilling was MONEY MONEY MONEY... how good did THAT feel? And Manny was MANNY MANNY MANNY. But how can you bench Johnny D against the Yankees? YOU CAN'T. I'm not digging ER on defense... should I be? I hope Trot and Tek are saving that next clutch hit for a big spot because they haven't done anything with men on recently. A couple of weird moments with Embree, Olerud and Bellhorn, eh? Also, I was thinking about Wells. His D let him down, but he pitched well enough to win. A Rod's homer was a good pitch, he barely got half of it. He's just a titan. A-Rod and Giambi both. Thank God Sheffield's not in the line-up - but you know he MUST be really crippled if he's not playing.

Wakefield vs Unit should be the best game of the three today. Hopefully they won't be kicking the ball all over the field again. Since we took our one game, there's almost no pressure to win (but it wouldn't hurt). At this stage, we would get a moral victory just by again proving that RJ is hittable.


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