Thursday, September 01, 2005

Why Big Papi is Big Papi

You know, I watch SportsCenter alot. Like, 3 times a day. Once in the morning, once when I get home from work, and once before I go to bed. The two things that you know you're gonna get from SportsCenter are witty statements (e.g. Boo-yah!, Bring Me the Finest Meats and Cheeses, and en Fuego everything) and highlights of the Yankees and Red Sox. So, I'm watching last night and I realize something. I've probably seen highlights of almost all of David Ortiz's homers, and they all seem to come between the 5th and 9th innings. He doesn't pop them out at the beginning of the game when the opposing team has lots of time to get those runs back. No, he hits them when they count, when they can really make a difference. It's amazing. He is so good it's scary. You Sox fans better be thankful.


Anonymous Chopping Guy Birthday Hat said...

Boston signed him for next-to-nothing after he was cut by the Twins, and it must kill you to think of what his numbers would be like if he played his home games at the Stadium, with that short right field. It's no exaggeration to say he is the most clutch hitter to ever play for the Red Sox (with apologies to Yaz).

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