Sunday, September 25, 2005

Watch Your Back

Red is out to get me. I'm so scared. Terrified, in fact. Here I am, thinking that I know him so well, but I recently woke up to find a knife buried squarely in my back...

Here's what happened: I'm in the finals of our fantasy league against a Red Sox fan, Tyler. He's got an amazing lineup, but I think that my method of managing, picking up and dropping new pitchers every day, might be able to get me the title. I'm doing great until my "friend" Red goes and tells his fellow Sox fan how to beat me. This is after I tell him explicitly not to tell him anything about my strategy. I share an office with Red, thinking that what happens in the office, stays in the office. Well, I guess that's true only if you're not trying to go against Red Sox Nation.
Needless to say, Tyler's hitting has been off the charts, my WHIP and ERA have hit the proverbial fan, and I'm barely holding on in Wins and Ks. I'm a dead man walking. Red sold me out. Red hates me. And, if he could do this to me, he could do it to you... Don't say I didn't warn you.


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