Saturday, September 17, 2005

Sports Talk

Some things that have been bubbling up inside - not all baseball:

- Well, I derided Yankee fans for not appreciating being in a pennant race and now we're in the thick of it ourselves. Serves me right. But you know what? BRING IT ON!!
- I could care less if Ortiz wins the MVP. I'll tell you what - he's MY MVP. Give it to A-Rod, that's fine with me, I won't even give you an argument. He's the Yankees best player and if they go to the next round, he deserves it. But all I really care about is making the playoffs and getting me another ring.
- Now, more than ever before, my favorite team is the Red Sox and whoever plays the Yankees. Let's break their post-season streak! I've reached the point where I can't watch Yankee games anymore - not because of one of my well-documented superstitions, but because at this time of the year they make me PHYSICALLY ILL.
- Wakefield is the ace of the staff, kids. Plain and simple. But the knuckler comes and goes mysteriously. Most knuckleballers, including Wake, are pretty much .500 pitchers over the long haul. Let's just hope this current streak has some legs.
- Here's my playoff rotation (knock on wood): 1) Wake, 2) Schilling, 3) Wells, 4) Clement. My heart won't break if Arroyo takes 4 and Schilling goes back to the pen to support Foulke (still shaky) and Timlin (god-like). Let's watch the next two Schilling starts, but that might be the right move.
- College football, quick comments... the Cuse, WVa and Pitt should abandon ship and join the ACC... in retrospect, BC made the right call (and it kills me to say that)... I don't like the Orange's new jerseys... they look like Illinois, or (gulp) Virginia... I'm withholding opinion on the new coach, I'll give him to the halfway point of the Big East schedule... can he beat Louisville?
- Pro football, quick comments... don't think I didn't notice the Sox lost on Patriots night... can't let that happen again... I'm withholding comments on the Pats until they are halfway through the AFC East schedule, but only because I don't want to jinx anything.
- Which reminds me: The ChW have a pitcher named Jenks. I laughed out loud when he came out of the pen against the Sawx. Can you break a jinx with a guy named Jenks? You decide.


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Anonymous peter* said...

I thought our comments in the Jimmy the Greek entry were classic Red Sox-Yankee banter. Glad to be a part of it. Too bad the spam gets in, but it makes more sense than some Yankee fan comments I've seen. I couldn't resist.

4:22 PM  
Anonymous Chopping Guy Birthday Hat said...

Jenks is good, but I can top it:

J.J. Putz of the Seattle Mariners. How could you bring this guy in in a close game?

(Aside: What's worse than watching Yankees games? Taking in a Mariners game at Safeco and actually having to root for Jeff Nelson when he came in out of the bullpen. That game was in July and I STILL feel dirty. Nelson blew the save but the M's won, so I got over it...)

The team of Dave Bush and Brandon League in Toronto. Is John Gibbons ever tempted to pitch them in that order just because?

(Another aside: Do the Toronto Blue Jays have the ugliest uniforms in Major League Baseball? I think they do. ALL of their prior uniforms are better looking.)

8:35 PM  
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