Saturday, September 10, 2005

Schilling: He was Good, but he still Sucks.

Wow. Schilling was lights out. I didn't expect that, but then, it's a game on Fox and it's against the Yankees. Shame on me for doubting he would be any good today... With that said, I truly believe it was a fluke outing. I stick to my prediction that he will be positively Byung-Hyun Kim-esque for the rest of the season. This win gets his suck-fest record to 2 for 3. He'll blow up the next time out, making it 3 for 4, just as I had predicted.


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Anonymous BOSTON LEE said...

Is LSD on sale in your freakin neighborhood or what??? We're talking Curt Schilling you (N.Y.?) moron!!! It's crunch time.....and yes....a little luck on the "just in the nick of time" category, but HE'S BACK..........WE'RE DEFENDING CHAMPS......YOU GUYS SUCK THIS YEAR......AND STOCK UP YOUR FRIDGE WITH BEER AND THOSE AWFUL NY PRETZELS TO WATCH US ON TV AGAIN

9:25 PM  
Anonymous Chopping Guy Birthday Hat said...


I rather like the pretzels in New York...

12:41 AM  

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