Friday, September 09, 2005

Right or Wrong?

Check out Jim Capel at the ESPN site.

Does he have it right or wrong? I was all prepared to say he had it wrong, but then I watched tonight's emotionless fiasco, where the fans clearly cared more than the players.

One thing I definitely disagree with is where he says the rivalry is no longer interesting because the Sox won last year. Yet he says he was rooting for the Sox all those years. Think about that - it's the antithesis of logic. Obviously the rivalry is going to be better now that it's not a foregone concusion.


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Anonymous Chopping Guy Birthday Hat said...

I think that he's probably right about the games not really mattering to the nation as a whole, but I don't think that's a bad thing necessarily. Fans in, say, Seattle should be going to Mariners games and filling seats in that beautiful ballpark they have (it's nice, I was there in July). Sox and Yanks fans tend to take the playoffs for granted, while in most of the country baseball season ends in September, and I couldn't really blame a diehard Brewers or Pirates fan for resenting us just a wee bit.

As a diehard Sox fan I'm offended by the notion that we've become the new Yankees- sure, we've got some overpriced talent, but we also have one of the top-rated farm systems in baseball, and a front office that has pointedly NOT overpaid for a few players now (Pedro and A-Rod come to mind right off the bat). And honestly, people forget that a lot of the Yankees came up through their farm system, veterans like Jeter and Posada, and newer talent like Cano and Wang. Sure they overspend, primarily for pitching, and that makes them different from the other 29 teams in baseball exactly how? That part is sour grapes, pure and simple. In fact, for a guy who doesn't care Capel certainly goes on at length.

12:58 AM  

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