Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Radio and TV Guys

Everyone I listen to on radio and TV - and I mean 100% of them - think it's a forgone conclusion that the Sox will win the division and the Yankees could miss completely. I couldn't disagree more. There's some weird statistic that shows that your position on Sept 3 pretty much foreshadows your position on Oct 3, even if your lead is slim. I just don't buy that.

How easy would it be for the Sox to play really well and go 11-9 with a couple of tough losses while the Yankees play well and get a couple of gifts and go 14-6? REAL EASY. We gotta keep bringing it, EVERY DAY.

And sorry to be a broken record, but I have to repeat my Foulke mantra - we're not going anywhere unless he has it all together. And I'd feel much better if he started getting it together right now!!


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