Monday, September 26, 2005

AL East or Bust

Successful trip to Baltimore.

If nothing else, we brought our personal season record to 3-2, and better yet, we squeezed a flat-out tie with the Yankees. (Nothing better than walking into a stadium and seeing TOR 7 NYY4 - F already posted on the board.) I was wrong about 60% of Camden Yards being filled with Sox fans; it was more like 90%! RSN was everywhere! These were essentially home games, kids.

Here's how we're shaping up for the final, scintillating 7 in Fenway against the Js and Yanks. And don't count on the Injuns to lose any more... it's AL East or Bust!

Mon - Bush v Schilling
Tue - Chacin v Wakefield
Wed - Lilly v Arroyo
Thu - Downs v Clement
Fri - Wang v Wells
Sat - Johnson v Schilling (are you kidding me!!)
Sun - Mussina v Wakefield (for all the marbles?)

Sox up: ER, Trot, Manny (thank God)
Sox down: Shaking pitching... let's GO dudes!


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