Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Wake Up and Smell the Burning Coffee.

Red isn't worried. He's cool with the current Red Sox roster.

I think he's full of it. I think he's worried but he's too afraid to admit it. And so, he's making excuses...

"Schilling will be fine when we need him. He's got a lot to work through in his head... but he'll be fine when we need him."

HAHAHHAHAH. I love it. Are you trying to convince yourself, Red? He's horrible this year and he's going to continue to be horrible. He's just a shell of his old self. Here are his stats so far:

Record: 5-6
Saves: 9
Blown Saves: 2
ERA 6.89
WHIP 1.55

Man, that SUCKS. As a point of reference, here's the record for Byung-Hyun Kim:

Record: 4-10
ERA: 4.90
WHIP: 1.51

And, Kim is pitching at Coors Field this year. Wow. Schilling REALLY SUCKS. Be a man and admit it, Red. You can't make excuses for him forever. Remember, a winner always asks "What have you done for me lately?". You should pray to God that Epstein is doing that right now and looking to shore up the rotation with someone who doesn't SUCK. Maybe Curt can be a long reliever ala Tanyon Sturtze. It would be a good place for him. When Wakefield, Clement, or Wells gets rocked, he can step in and try to stop the bleeding while Ortiz, Manny, Damon, and Varitek try to get the team back into the game. It's a win-win. If he gets rocked, oh well. If he shuts down the opposing batters and they come back to win, he's a hero. He can chirp all he wants, but without any pressure. He'll be happier than a pig in poop.

Here's the other fun quote from Red:

"Kapler is motivated and can be this year's Dave Roberts."

HA! You wish! Dave Roberts is a one of a kind. He had a core competency that the Sox were able to work to exploit. That's right. He had really great wheels. Kapler has nothing to speak of except the ability to order sushi for the whole table. In 65 at bats this year, Kapler has exactly 1 dinger. He also has a batting average of .231 and an OBP of .271. That's positively Womackian. He isn't a catalyst. He's a rally killer.

Listen, I'm all for being positive, but try to at least be a little realistic. Just a


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