Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Scraping the Burnt Crust off my Toast

After giving Red a hard time, I feel it's only right that I tell you all what's happening in my mind regarding the Yankees...

Embree is not the answer. Bellhorn is not the answer. I never thought they would be. But, it's a start. It's a move in the right direction. You see, I know the Yankees are hosed this year. But, they just might be scrappy enough to get through to the playoffs. After that, I leave it to hitters 1-5, Mo, and a boatload of luck. But, I'm not going to say that I'm cool with things. I'm not going to say that any one player could provide a spark. No way. After all, it's all about the grind. And, I'm not going to piss on your leg by saying that I have every confidence in Randy Johnson's ability to get us there. After all, he's over 40. And has no velocity. And has a playoff track record that isn't exactly El Duque-esque... I guess I'm simply trying to temper my enthusiasm of the current Yankee run with a healthy dose of reality. You know, the reality that comes from not winning a World Series title for a long time. Red doesn't have it, since he won one last year. But, it's been so long for me that I'm cautiously skeptical of any runs or possibilities my beloved Yanks have in them.


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