Thursday, August 04, 2005

Reality Check

It's August 3rd, we're at the 2/3 mark of the season with two months to go, and...

- Manny is already at 30/100, leading the league in both. And for those of you who malign his D, he's also leading AL OF in assists. And he makes 1 web gem per week. Despite that scary collision with ER last night, HE HELD ON TO THE BALL. Amen.
- Johnny D is having his best season ever, leading the league in AVG, H and R. It's crazy. PLEASE don't let him go to the Yankees. PLEASE. PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE.
- Schilling has 7 S, 2 BS and 2 Ws as a closer. So we haven't lost a step from Foulke.
- Playoff rotation of Clement, Wells, Wakefield and Arroyo may be good enough to win AL. Don't talk to me about Miller.
- We're on a winning streak a couple weeks earlier than last year's winning streak - 7 in a row. (Let's peak at the right time though!)
- We're 4 1/2 up on the Yankees, who are 1 1/2 up on the Js. Hmm.
- Giambi is the most feared hitter in the AL. A-Rod is 2nd, Sheffield 3rd. Manny, Ortiz, Johnny might be 4-6. Explain.
- The Os and Raffy are plummeting to the ocean floor, about to join the Rays.
- Andrew says I'm too hard on Bill Muell, that he's great on D and has been solid and clutch at the plate. (Jury's still out on the other Millers though. Show me.)

Tomorrow we're joining T-Man and spouse in Minneapolis for our 2nd Red Sox Nation outing of the year. We'll be at the Fri and Sat games. We're making a banner that says "SOX FANS LOVE MANNY." Too bad we won't see Santana. Look for us!!


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