Tuesday, August 02, 2005


No time to write these days, but here's what's in my head:

- Manny is like the most beautiful girl in high school. The one who was psycho. You have an amazing year-long relationship, and you are king and queen of the prom. And then she dumps you. Because she's psycho. But you can't hate her because she's so beautiful. And in the end she decides she loves you again. But beware, because she could DUMP YOU AGAIN AT ANY TIME.

Therefore: I decided I'm not mad at the Fenway fans for booing Manny. I think it woke him up. Note to Manny - how are you ever going to upgrade from US? A little tough love. And if you wanted privacy, why were you going to New York?!? I'm not a celebrity, and I HAVE NO PRIVACY IN NEW YORK!

AND AND AND... I think Ortiz had a weird strategy defending Manny. But I guess that's what it took, because it worked. If I were in the clubhouse, my reaction would have been more like the Donut Man's. True.

- Jose Canseco was right! And while Raffy contemplates jail time, Giambi is suddenly the best player in the AL, Bonds is outta here (woo woo!) and Sheffield is on FIRE.

- Meanwhile if the season ended today, the A's would be the wildcard. The O's are in freefall without a parachute. But at what point do either the Sox or Yankees make their move? Things are getting a bit jello-y, don't you think?


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