Thursday, August 25, 2005

A Perfect Triangle

The AL is symmetrical today:

On the ends, in the East and West, the Sox and Angels lead the Yankees and A's by 3 1/2 games. The Sox and Angels are both 20 games over .500.

In the middle, in the Central, the ChiW leads the Sox and Angels by, yep, 3 1/2.

And here's the cool part: The Yankees, Injuns and A's are in a dead heat for the wild card. Precisely the same record. That forms a perfect triangle.

Schilling starts tonite. Still worried that we're messing up Timlin more than we're messing up Schilling. But we'll see...

Sox up: Gonazalez, Papelbon, Graffanino, ER (but please CATCH the ball!)
Sox down: Pitchers


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