Thursday, August 25, 2005

Deep Thoughts...

* Schilling's first start in God-knows-how-long is tonight. I think his arm will fall off trying to be go back to the starting rotation. Prediction: He's going to lose 3 of his next 4 games and be in the bullpen during the playoffs. Then, he's going to get rocked and, just like last year, cry like a freakin' baby.

* Raphael Palmiero is a cheater. Plain and simple. He's not going to the Hall. He should have quit after last season and ensured his own enshrinement. Instead, he got greedy. He deserves what he gets. Which will be NOTHING.

* Why is the penalty for gambling worse than the penalty for using steroids? After all, both are done so you can make cash. In fact, I'm willing to go on record to say that steroids are worse than gambling. Pete Rose never bet on his team to lose. He never threw a game. What's the harm? It's a victimless crime! But, Palmiero got his little slap on the wrist and can potentially still get into Cooperstown. His little chemical foray hurt every person he passed in the record books, it hurt every single player he played against, it juiced his own team's records, helped every one of his teammates... The list goes on and on. He's scum.

* Shawn Chacon is a stud. So is Jaret Wright. Just hope they don't turn into pumpkins over the next month!

* I have Rookie fever. Jeff Francoeur. Rickie Weeks. Huston Street. Clint Barmes. King Felix. David Wright. Zach Duke. I love following these players. Gives me hope in the future. Just can't wait for old, curmudgeonly farts like Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Gary Sheffield to retire so we can bring some new blood into the game.

* The whole Kansas City fan base should be rioting. That damn owner pockets all the revenue sharing money and puts a Double-A team out on the field every night. You can fault Steinbrenner for a million things, but don't you dare ever criticize him for not caring enough to put a winner out there. He could roll over like all those other owners, but he wants to win. He feels like he owes it to his city to do that, and so he spends. Yeah, it's embarassing to have a payroll north of $200M, but at least he's not on the other end of the spectrum. That's downright rude.

* Tom Gordon is a headcase, and I'm scared as hell of how he's going to perform in September (and hopefully, October). He needs to chill out. Bad. Maybe Randy Moss can hook him up with some kind bud. It'll definitely help.

* Milton Bradley is a total POS. I hate the term, but maybe it's fitting to call him a cancer on his team. It's so sad. He and Terrell Owens should go play canasta together and stop bothering everyone else who's having a good time.

* Armando Benitez rules. Here's a guy who could have called it in when he ripped his groin in half, but instead he's out there tossing a ball exactly two days after his operation. He worked out like a man (take that, Barry Bonds!) and got himself back to a place where he could help his team out. Awesome. Every team should be so lucky to have someone like that on their roster.

* I'm a big fan of the Washington Nationals. They're competitive. The city loves them. They have Frank Robinson running the show. They keep at it. I would love to see them in the playoffs (though I bet Montreal would be pissed, eh?).

* Jae Seo is the first Asian player who has shown real emotion on the field. More than both Matsuis, more than Ichiro, more than Iguchi, more than Choi... In fact, the only Asian player who comes close to matching his emotion is Byung Hyung Kim. And, that isn't the kind of emotion you should be proud of. After all, you wouldn't brag about crying on the mound during the playoffs or giving your home crowd the finger, would you?

* Why is Womack still playing? Cashman really screwed that one up.

* Timlin is timid. He shouldn't be. He has lights-out stuff when he wants it. Maybe he and Gordon can split an ounce of weed.

* Manny still rules. So does Big Papi. I wish I had those guys on my team. That would be awesome.

* Doc Gooden is on the lam. So sad. I just hope he isn't hiding out with Darryl. If so, there's more snow there than Aspen in January.

That's all for now. I promise I won't be a stranger...


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