Friday, August 12, 2005

Battle of the Soxes

Sox v. Sox redux starts tonite at Fenway. This time they are the top two teams in the AL.

Amazingly the Whites are 35 games over .500, compared to the Red’s 19. Which means our Reds are 8 games – 8 GAMES! – behind the Whites. Which means if the playoffs started today, the Whites would draw the wildcard… which today would be the Angels (the Injuns are behind the Angels… and the NYY, against all things rational and aligned in the universe, are behind the Injuns). And the Angels, dear Rivals fans, are, believe it or not, the team you would rather face in the playoffs. You don’t want to go anywhere near the A’s this time. NOWHERE NEAR THEM I TELL YOU.

Either way you look at it, life looks good for fans of both Soxes. So, today, I guess I have to begrudgingly start giving some love to the Caucasian Sox… or do I? At the risk of putting my Sox where my foot is, here’s where my head is at:

I don’t understand why the Whites have such a huge lead, but I do understand why they’re in 1st place. They’re in 1st place because of Buehrle and Garland. I don’t drink the Konerko koolaid, I don’t buy the Ozzie thing. (I’ll give you the Podsednik thing, because he’s a guy that helps you win the 3-2 games.) But THE reason they are in 1st is because they’re the only team in the AL that’s had their 1-2 pitchers on top of their games all season.

After the 1-2, however, there’s a big drop off to Contreras and El Duque. And by big I mean HUUUGE. These are two guys who have recently proven to not deliver in the playoffs, and they’re both sketchy against the D-Rays. I would say the Buehrle-Garland thing might be an advantage in the playoffs, except that:

- Oakland is deeper, with a solid 1 through 3, maybe even 1-4,
- The Sox are deeper, with a solid 1-4, (especially with Schilling in the rotation),
- Garland and Buehrle aren’t playoff tested and will have put in too many innings by the start of October, and,
- Dustin Hermanson is gonna get roped in the playoffs. ROPED I TELL YOU.

So go ahead and sweep us in Fenway, Whitey. I still won’t believe in you. To tell you the truth, I won’t believe in you until I actually see you win the AL with my own eyes. But if you do win the AL and go for that once-in-a-lifetime shot to break Chi-town's own horrible curse, let me go on record saying this:


Because being cursed is the worst.


Anonymous peter* said...

The White Sox have such a good record because of the other teams in their division. At least this has mucho to do with it. Right now game #3 is in a short rain delay at 2:41 Sunday. Bash away, oh red ones.

2:42 PM  

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