Saturday, July 16, 2005

Yankees 7-4

Now that I've simmered down, three thoughts:

1. Well, I asked for a more interesting game. Serves me right.
2. We live in a mystical world where Mark Bellhorn can homer off of Randy Johnson.
3. I was really feeling good about 3 out of 4. Now... not so much.

People I'm feeling the love for right now:

JEREMI GONZALES! Manny! Schilling! Timlin! Johnny D! Trot! Tek! Al Leiter! Yes, AL LEITER!

People I'm trying to get out of my head right now:

Clement... no no NOOOOOOOO!
ER... biggest AB of the game... where were you?
A-Rod and Sheff... no love, but alas, respect. I guess.
Dale Sveum... by now if I'm a baserunner, I do the opposite.


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