Sunday, July 17, 2005

Yankees 5, Red Sox 3. Yankees win series 3-1.

Looks like we have a race, folks... Dan Shaughnessey can kiss my ass. It was precisely 3 weeks ago that he declared the race for the AL East was over:

"It's OK to say it. Don't worry about jinxing them. The 2005 Red Sox are going to win the American League East. By a landslide. Come late September, this is going to look like Secretariat at the Belmont in 1973.

After looking up at the Orioles for two frustrating months, the Sox moved into first place Friday night and they are there to stay. Stop worrying about the Yankees, Orioles, and Jays. It's not even going to be close."

He's a tool.

Here are some other random thoughts about the series, the teams, and the players...

1. Leiter is God. He's was lightning in a bottle, just like Cashman had hoped for. Three hits, one earned run, tons of strikes. Money.
2. A-Rod is officially free of that monkey that everyone (particularly annoying Sox fans) kept imagining.
3. Don't ever throw at or behind Sheff. He's a very, very angry man. Evidently, he takes it out on the ball.
4. How can any baserunner trust Dale Sveum? I mean, shit, I would never, ever pay attention to that guy if a game was on the line.
5. I'm psyched that Johnny D has the hitting streak going. He's definitely deserving. I just hope, for the Boston fans, that the Sox can keep him out of the Bronx next year. I'd take his throws-like-a-girl arm over Bernie's throws-like-a-girl arm any day!
6. Jeter is like a deer in the headlights when batting against the Sox, but he sure was flashing the leather, huh?
7. Why does Giambi sweat so damn much? It's creepy.
8. Robinson Cano almost gave me a heart attack in the 9th. The wife had to leave the room she was so mad. Would love to see her watch a game with Red!
9. I still love Manny. But what's up with that weird shell around his neck? It was Turk Wendell-esque in it's weirdness.
10. Hey Trot, wash the freakin' hat and batting helmet. The hat looks like a walrus made love to it and the batting helmet looks a lot like my toilet the day after a night of heavy drinking. Superstitions are cute and all, but those lids are just plain rude.


Anonymous JimmyZ said...

I wouldn't be so confident that the red headed step child over at NYT lite wasn't so wrong... Yanks are barely squeezing in wins these days...

2:59 AM  

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