Saturday, July 16, 2005

Sox 17-1

That score and that game were boring to me. Piling up the score is useless in baseball. The Yankees do it all the time too. The outcome and momentum shift is nice though, after the "A-Rod" game. I'll always take a split going into the weekend, especially with these Sat and Sun pitching match-ups.

After Thursday, everyone on NYC TV and Radio was saying A-Rod is now a true Yankee and that if they win something this year, that game will be remembered as a turning point. I agree on both - ya gotta beat the champions if ya wanna win it.

But people got a little too excited for July. Let me take a second to dispute ESPN radio guy (and Yankee play-by-play guy) Michael Kay, who said yesterday afternoon "If the Yankees didn't win that one, they could have fallen apart - Seriously, they really could have."

DON'T YOU BELIEVE IT. They will not fall apart, not with their sluggers hitting like this. Nor would one game prompt a team loaded with this many all-star veterans to fall apart. (Though it's nice to dream! ;^)) Nor does a 17-1 loss mean they're falling apart. They have the best hitter in the game (also the AL MVP) and top-to-bottom the best line-up in the game. The problem is the pitching is average and getting worse with the injuries. BUT NO ONE HAS GOOD PITCHING!

If anything, 17-1 symbolizes the Yankee modus operandi this season: inability to carry momentum from big wins. Anyhoo... Hoping today will be more exciting with Unit and Clement.

Sox up: Trot, Johnny D, Papi (the Yankee killers!)
Sox down: Schilling, Bellhorn, Embree


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