Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Praise for the Js

The Yankees loudly pulled to within 4 games during the July 4th weekend Foulke festival, but no one has noticed the Js who are also 4 back - very quietly. They made the red hot Sox look like PawSox. How could that be? Mostly because of Doc Halladay. No one else in the AL East has a pitcher as consistently dominant as my boy Roy - especially against other AL East teams. A couple of points each for ex-Sox Hillenbrand, Vernon Wells (who is clutch), and Miguel Batista too. I can vouch for Batista because he's on my fantasy team.

Other than that, it's smoke and mirrors. Can they pull a wildcard or division title out of this? Heck, if they can get to the halfway point only 4 back, why not? They could easily go 12 games over .500 in the 2nd half - and bring down the big 3 while they're at it.

BTW, Giambi jacked two against the Os yesterday. So of course the airwaves this morning included joke after joke about Giambi being back on the Juice. Really funny. Not.

Sox up: The All-Star starting quartet (especially Manny!)
Sox down: Mantei, Foulke


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