Monday, July 25, 2005

On My Nerves

These are things that are on my nerves:

1. The AL Least. Are we really sitting atop the worst division in baseball? This is when the Wildcard begins to look unfair. The teams that are feasting on head-to-heads in lesser divisions have an advantage. The AL East teams are killing each other. But it's not just THAT. You begin to get the feeling no one wants to win the division. It's not even back and forth - it's just stagnant. Just when the Sox, Yankees and Orioles seem to be ready to move past their toughest times and start a legitimate winning streak, they sputter. Here's what I think - I think one of them is going to need to put together a REAL streak to wake the other two up. I'm not looking forward to the Yankees putting together another streak like they had in May, the one they started when they were 10-19 (or whatever it was). Please don't let that happen.

2. Arroyo. I didn't think staging an album party the night before a start against the White Sox was too cool. And I think the results proved me right. Didn't Bernie Williams release his dopey album in the off-season? Focus on the game, dude. THE GAME. Having said that, please don't trade him. When the time is right, his curve ball will start SNAPPING.

3. The trading deadline. Would A.J. Burnett really get more quality starts than Arroyo? Billy Wagner I'll take, just so we can get Schilling back in the rotation where he belongs. I trust in Theo to get it right.

4. Dirt Dogs. Don't you think they should start apologizing to Manny right about now? Or maybe they should apologize to ME.

5. The Millers. Just because Wade Miller pitched a shutout, which I officially consider a fluke, I'm not letting you guys off the hook. Unless Millar is giving us .280/25/85, then he is a liability. I'm lobbying for more PT for Olerud. Unless Mueller is giving us .300/15/80, then HE's a liability. Why is Youk in Pawtucket?? And I'm willing to give Cora and Grafanino plenty of time to spell Bellhorn (a legitimate liability and my honorary 4th Miller). They couldn't be any worse.

Sox up: Wells, Timlin, Johnny
Sox down: Schilling, the Millers
Trade bait: Arroyo, the Millers
Please don't trade: Trot


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