Tuesday, July 12, 2005

All-Star Things

Thoughts about things:

1. The Home Run Derby was fun, albeit tedious after a while. The international format was outstanding. People who don’t like it are pathetic old school American jingoists who hate other countries and other cultures. And there are a lot of them around these days.
2. Between Manny, Papi and Tejada, the Dominican guys have so much personality that it’s almost not fair to the other teams. I was sad for Big P when he pooped in Act II. But not as sad as I was for the Canadian dude who posted a donut.
3. As long as they were using guys who weren’t selected to the All-Star game, Matsui/Japan should have been there too.
4. Note to ESPN: I would rather watch the Minor League All-Star Game than watch another celebrity-jock softball game.
5. Note to the Commish: The Baseball World Cup is a GREAT idea. I can’t wait!
6. My 2 cents: Wouldn’t November have been a better choice than March?!?
7. And then there was this beautiful moment for America: While all of the Latin and Asian players celebrated and embraced the World Cup, Gary Sheffield said it wasn’t important enough to risk injury, so he won’t play. I’m absolutely shocked that such a legendary team player would have that opinion. Shocked I tell you.
8. Two questions: 1) Who would have asked Gary Sheffield to play? 2) I don’t want Me-Me’s like Sheffield on Team USA. Oh wait, that wasn’t a question. Hey Sheffield, here's an idea... DON'T PLAY! Oops, that wasn't a question either.
9. One or two more Sheffields and I just might find myself rooting for the Dominican. Or maybe I'll root for one of those countries where people actually vote, and don’t take all their blessings for granted. That’s my right as a free American. In fact maybe I’ll burn a flag today.
10. Prediction: The NL finally breaks through and wins the All-Star Game, 12-9. Pujols and Derrek Lee will come up big. Why? Because of the law of averages! Nine AL wins in a row would be too many. As I’m learning in the fantasy league, baseball is a giant probability equation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The World Cup of Baseball thing would makes sense if you had the champions of each league (ie MLB, Japan, et cetera) face eachother. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the US has all the power. A true world series would have the champions of each league face eachother and turn it into a true global sport. Naturally, it would have to take place after the world series. The winner of the world series facing the champions of the japan league and whatever other leagues there are.


4:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you two should have an in-game blog battle. Pick a sox-yanks game and both blog it out during the game. Beer counts are mandatory instead of inning counts.

8:18 PM  
Blogger The Rivals said...

Ok. We'll do it. For the record, I am guaranteeing wins. Please notice that 'wins' is plural. That's because the Yankees will win that game, and because I will win the beer race. Guaranteed.

5:06 PM  

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