Wednesday, July 06, 2005

81 Down, 81 to Go

We're just past the halfway mark, so I was curious to revisit my pre-season predictions. For the record, the Sox are actually 47-35, 3 1/2 up on the Os, 4 on the Schmanks, and 5 1/2 on the Js.

AL East
1. Yankees I'm sticking with it.
2. Red Sox (wildcard) Sticking with it.
But overall the Yankees are WAY too strong and want it too badly this time. I don't want to be them if they don't win it all. Agree. I'm sticking with the whole scenario.

AL Central
1. Twins OK.
2. Injuns Sure.
And watch the Tigers.Hmm. We're missing the ChW. Well, guess what, I'm sticking with it. They're gonna go 39-42 in the 2nd half.

AL West
1. Angels Yep.
2. A's Maybe. But I think the real challenge to the Angels will come from Tex.
LA (or Anaheim or whatever) will have it sewn up by Labor Day. Yep. The A's look strong again, so the real unknown here is Tex.


1. The NL will field 3 completely different playoff teams than last year. I'll stick with it - how about Nats, Pods, Mets?

2. The Braves will go to the Series and lose to the Angels. OK, the Yankees. But the Angels are the only team that will threaten the Yankees. And people besides me will call the 2005 Yankees the Best Team Ever. Hmm. REWRITE: The Yankees may yet make it to the World Series, but no one will call them the BTE, including me.

3. Yankees win season series over Sox, 11-8. Three bench-clearing brawls, including two in one game (at Fenway). "Roid Rage" Sheffield and "Wild Man" Mantei at the center of the fracas. This time there are real injuries to both teams. REWRITE: Sox win 10-9. Sticking with the fracas thing.

4. Matsui wins the AL MVP over A-Rod thanks to mondo total bases and RBIs. RJ wins 23 for the Cy over Santana. Matsui wins RBI title by a dozen over Sheffied and Tejada. Jeter has his best year ever with the bat, and 6 Yankees go 25/95. WOW. OK, let's take them one at a time. A-Rod will win the MVP. RJ will finish 19-12 and in the Top 5 for Cy but that's it. Manny is going to win the RBI title over Matsui and Tejada. It's not Jeter having his best year with the bat - it's Johnny D! And unbelievably, only 3 Yankees are going to do better than 25/95.

5. Manny-Ortiz battle for HR title. Schilling has an off year (17-11) but comes alive in Aug-Sep to lift Sox to wildcard. Clement also wins 17, Arroyo 15, Wakefield and Wells 13, Miller 12. But not having Pedro and Lowe will be the difference in the playoffs. Sticking with 90% of this. Schilling can't win 17 thanks to the injury, but will definitely come alive in Aug-Sep. Switch the wins for Wakefiled and Arroyo.

Ex-Sox Per-dictions:

1. Nomar will be the Cubs MVP, but they'll come up short. Might make the wildcard. REWRITE!
2. Cabrera will become an All-Star with the Angels. REWRITE!
3. Pedro will go 17-7, Mets will contend until the Break. Yes! How do you like me NOW?
4. Lowe will go 16-8, Dodgers will contend until late Sep. Close. I'll stick with it.
5. Mientkiewicz will bat 8th but still get 18/80 and a gold glove. Um, no.
6. Roberts will steal 66, 3rd in the NL. Nope. Not gonna happen
7. Banished to Yomiuri, Gabe "Welcome Back" Kapler will date the goofy food-taster actress chick from Iron Chef.Maybe - but I also found an article that says he talking to Theo about coming back. Nice story, but I'd rather have a bullpen guy!

A bigger question for the 2nd half... what about POKEY?


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