Thursday, June 23, 2005

We Sweep-um Injuns

The Sox-Injuns were, surprisingly, broadcast on the Ocho last nite. And it was, unexpectedly, a really good one. And the Sox, remarkably, got the sweep in a game they shouldn't have won. By the 6th, the Injuns, shockingly, looked like they didn't want to be there. And finally, serendipitously(!?), the Os and Yanks were losing to the Js and Rays.


- There were some small signs of life from each of "The Millers." But even better was that the game was won outright by the holy newcomer trinity of Payton, ER and Olerud.
- Payton did a dead-on impersonation of Dave Roberts, legging out a clutch triple late in the game. ER has hit his stride - he's now Steady Eddie in the field and has a consistent, reliable power stroke. Olerud is a pro baby. He's Charlie Brown, but he's a pro.
- Just when I though Tito would be happy with 2 out of 3 - mainly because I would have been happy with 2 out of 3 - he pulled the big dogs out of the bullpen to go for the jugular and the sweep (he brought in Foulke when it was tied... hmm... zen master or zoo mudster, you make the call).
- Tito was also Mr. Nick-of-time. Miller was just about to implode (badly) when he yanked him. Against all expectations, Embree escaped unscathed from bases loaded no outs... then in the next inning Tito yanked him just before HE was going to implode. Then Timlin and Myers (yes Myers!) were money. And Foulke was a one-man Indiana Jones adventure again, but somehow it works. Go figure. Two points for Tito for keeping the faith in all of them.

About Miller - I don't like his pitching mechanics or his mound demeanor. He reminds me of the way my buddies pitched in high school. He gets my vote for long relief when Schilling comes back.

High point of the game - When Olerud hit his 1st Sox dinger - a clutch one - and had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT TO DO when Big Papi gave him the bear hug. Could he BE any whiter?

Please add to the MLB death match wish list - David Wells vs the fat closer from the Injuns. I'd pay good money to see it.


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