Wednesday, June 22, 2005

To Use or Not To Use?

Whenever Red and I talk about players, we always question whether or not they used/use steroids. Whether it's because they're not peforming the way they used to, the way their bodies have changed, or if they're always injured, the steroid era has made us ultra-aware of baseball players and keeps us wondering if those players decided to get a little extra boost. Here are our findings:

1. Jason Giambi - He admitted using without admitting. Plus, he sucks now.
2. Gary Sheffield - He did admit it.
3. Barry Bonds - C'mon!

1. Curt Schilling - Why can't he pitch? Why can't he heal?
2. Scott Rolen - What's up with injury and lack of production?
3. Adrian Beltre - Last year vs. this year = Jekyll vs. Hyde
4. Rafael Palmiero - Just because he had to testify.
5. Sammy Sosa - Performance, injury, etc. Plus, after corking, what's a little juice?
6. Nomar Garciaparra - He's always hurt. Always.
7. Armando Benitez - Ouch.
8. Jim Thome - Season Stats: 5 Dingers, .218 Average, .724 OPS - 'Nuff Said!
9. Kevin Millar - As streaky as they come.
10. Bret Boone - From first to worst.
11. Mike Lowell - Compare the stats from the past 3 years to this year.
12. Jeff Bagwell - Lost around 35 pounds between 2003 and 2004.

1. Mark Prior - If it's not one injury, it's another.
2. Andy Pettitte - Nothing like when he was with the Yankees. Nothing.
3. Eric Gagne - Blew his arm out because his body couldn't handle the strain.
4. Juan Gonzalez - HAHAHAHHA
5. Ken Griffey, Jr. - I don't care if you're always active, your hammy's should heal.
6. Dan Kolb - Blech. Either it's 'roids or he's a head case. Either way, he blows.
7. Pudge - Have you seen the after pictures?
8. Kerry Wood - Forget about 20 K games. Where are the 8 K games?
9. Mike Piazza - Poor guy can't even throw to second!
10. Lance Berkman - Injuries and a huge performance dropoff
11. Kevin Brown - Anger issues = Roid rage

Masking Agents
1. Brian Roberts - Where did he come from? Brady Anderson, here we come!
2. Roger Clemens - The guy is a dinosaur and he still keeps pitching like a madman!
3. Derrick Lee - Triple Crown? He's hitting .100 above his career!
4. Carlos Lee - Huh? Where did he come from?
5. A-Rod - Just because he can afford it!


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