Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Responses to your Emails

No, it didn't seem worth mentioning that the Sox are now in 1st place. The point being, IT'S STILL JUNE PEOPLE!!

Yes, I was at the Friday nite game in Philly when they moved ahead of the Os. Section 206, 2nd level next to the RF pole, right smack in the midst of a very vocal Sox Nation (which accounted for 50% of the crowd). AMAZING NIGHT! Manny was making crazy catches and bopping taters, so I was in baseball heaven. Shout out to my boyz Sully and Sam from Walpole.

No, I don't agree with Dan Shaughnessy that the Sox are now going to run away with it. In fact I'm at the point where whatever Dan Shaughnessy says, my brain will reflexively create the opposite opinion. Given the salary imbalances, I can't explain how parity got here, but it's a blessing. It looks to me like we're going to have thrilling division, wildcard and pennant races all across the board.

Yes, I'm WAY down on Boston Dirtdogs. For example, why they have been picking on Manny this season is beyond baffling to me. The all-too human savior is in our midst and the Romans are nailing him to the cross. Just stick to funny headlines and Yankee-hating, guys. Please.

No, I don't hate Bellhorn, I'm just wondering out loud why we aren't giving some other guys a shot at his job. There are definitely some gaping holes in his game.

Yes, Foulke freaks me, and last night's Injuns debacle is Exhibit #241-D. As Blue has noted, the whole notion of a closer whose Out pitch is a change-up is scary to me. It all seems to hinge too much on a constant, delicate, fine-tuning of the arm motion. But when he's on, he's on. You know and I know he was the MVP of the World Series. It's worth the wait. In the meantime, try to enjoy the Indiana Jones roller-coaster ride. Keep telling yourself that the journey, not the destination, is the adventure.

No, I don't think the Yankees are done. Even though they've stunk, they're only 6 back, a gap they can easily close in a 10-game span. I'm not doomsaying. Several teams have done EXACTLY that already this year, and we're not even halfway. And the Yankees still have the best team on paper.

Yes, I voted for Johnny D over Ichiro for the 3rd AL outfield spot (after Manny and Vlad). Just compare their numbers.

Sox down: The Bullpen, The Millers
Sox up: Everybody else


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