Monday, June 27, 2005

Red is Ready

Open Ended:
1. What is your current state of being, as it refers to baseball?
Never enjoyed a season more. Come to think of it, I never enjoyed a season.
2. Do you think the Red Sox will win it all again this year?
They can do it, but it depends if they're still hungry. Right now, the ChW, LAA and StL all seem hungrier.
3. If you had to build a new franchise around any single Red Sox player, who would it be and why?
Varitek. Because he's a leader and his presence can make or break an entire pitching staff.
4. What do you miss about being a fan of the team that "hasn't won since 1918"?
5. If you had to choose between Boston never winning another World Series or Syracuse never getting to another final four, which would it be?
Syracuse never getting to another final four. Only because my Sox allegiance started a few years before my SU allegiance... if we're splitting hairs, it runs a little deeper.
6. Do you think anyone on last year's Red Sox team used steroids? If so, who?
Yes, every team has 'em. Performance trends and injuries would point to Kapler, Millar, Nomar, Mientkiewicz, Pokey, Williamson, Embree. And (gasp) Schilling.
7. Cubs or White Sox?
Is that like Ginger or Mary Ann? White Sox.
8. Why do you hate the Yankees?
From 1977-82, player arrogance. From 1970-76 and 1983-95, there was no reason to hate them. From 1996-04, fan arrogance and bandwagoning. In 2005, fans backstabbing the players.
9. How do you feel about A-Rod?
A sure Hall-of-Famer who could be remembered as an ALL-TIME GREAT if he looks in the mirror and finds - instead of a pretty boy - his inner clutchness.
10. If you could have dinner with any 4 baseball players, alive or dead, who would they be and why?
Joe Carter - to find out how a season-ending walk-off feels. I practiced it in my backyard for 17 years. Manny - for being Manny. Millar - for some LOL about '04. Shoeless Joe - to find the truth!! Can I bring Yaz and Ted to pick up the tab?

Word Association:
1. John Henry
Just another Thurston Howell III buying himself toys. Two points for the Evil Empire comment.
2. Theo Epstein
Jimmy Neutron. Nothin' but love.
3. Tito
Hey, he never stopped believin'. Nothin' but love.
4. Tek
Glad he's on my team. Nothin' but love.
5. Manny
I love him so much IT MAKES ME CRY. Nada pero amor.
6. Big Papi
Clutch with a hug. Nada pero amor GRANDE!
7. Millar
Glad he's on my team. Nothin' but love.
8. Johnny D
Love on several levels...
9. Schilling
THE REASON WE ARE COMPLETE. If I ever meet him I will hug him and kiss his lacerated ankle.
10. Wells
Donuts. Big oozing grape jelly donuts. With spam.
11. Jeter
Gamer. Captain America.
12. Steinbrenner
Thurston Howell - with WS rings.
13. Hideki Matsui
Underrated - master of the little things.
14. Fenway
Home away from home.
15. 1918
Woodrow Wilson.
16. Green Monster
Those seats!
17. Boston DirtDogs
Funny... until somebody gets hurt.
18. Sam Horn
Old school.
19. Dave Roberts
Jay Payton.
20. And to close it out: Foulke
Indiana Jones.


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