Friday, June 17, 2005

Queer Eye

A bunch of people asked me about the Queer Eye episode, and I remember promising a review during Spring Training, so I’ll oblige. The coolest thing about it was how much personality the Sox bring to the table. They are legitimate international rock-stars. But other than the fact that it was about the 2004 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox – which makes me grin like the Cheshire cat and shake my head in disbelief– it really wasn’t all that much funnier than a regular episode. Not that I’ve ever watched a whole episode.

Some thoughts:

- Varitek is underachieving with that wife. Holy Precolay. Follow Johnny D’s lead and go for the upgrade, bro.
- Millar is one guy on this planet I would LOVE to hang with, even for 5 minutes. What a great teammate. But what was up with that fairy dance? Once maybe. But over and over?
- I realize that I know nothing about this – but didn’t those clothes SUCK? I laughed out loud when Mirabelli said he wouldn’t wear it. And 3 points to Johnny D for correctly questioning the stripe-on-stripe look. He looked like pimp daddy.
- High moment #1 – Carson Kressly (sp?) copping a not-too-subtle feel of Johnny’s supple, rippling, muscled pecs. And Johnny not objecting.
- High moment #2 – The look on the little leaguers’ faces when they found out they were scrimmaging the Red Sox – I actually choked up on that one.
- High moment #3 – Johnny D moonwalking.
- Low moment – Where were Manny and Papi? How can we even THINK about getting a makeover without those guys? Man oh Manny - the comedy he would have delivered just by being Manny. It makes my face hurt just thinking about it. I’ll trade you Wake and Belli for Manny and Papi. Right now, and do the whole thing again.


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