Thursday, June 16, 2005

New Stadiums

Here are some things that are bouncing around my head. I listened to this on sportstalk radio driving home last night, and I don't think callers were asking the right questions.

- The Mets and Yankees are getting new stadiums. Do the Mets & Yankees NEED new stadiums? Are they having trouble making their #1 and #3 payrolls? Don't cities have rules about tearing things down that are currently useful and fully functioning?
- I remember a chunk of concrete fell in the bleachers in Yankee stadium the year before last. Did they ever fix that?
- Tell me if I heard this right: There's a loophole in the luxury payroll tax rule that says that instead of putting the excess tax in the league salary pool, the Yankees - since I think they are the only team that pays luxury tax - can instead "invest" that money in the local community. For example, by building a new stadium in the Bronx. Am I hearing that right? Yes/No
- Exactly how does building a stadium bring new jobs to the community? Won't the same people be selling hot dogs and t-shirts? Maybe it brings new construction jobs during the year it takes to build the stadium... but would those construction workers otherwise be out of work? Wouldn't they just be building something else?
- If I were a Yankee fan I would want them to call the new stadium Yankee Stadium. Why would they consider anything else? As a Sox fan in search of the elusive "amusement" factor, however, Verizon Park or Steinbrenner Field would be highly enjoyable. (As for Shea Stadium... WHO CARES?)

BTW - as long as I'm goofing on New Yorkers, here's a story on me. If you had asked me one year ago today, I would have voted to build a new stadium in Boston. I particularly liked the idea of turning Fenway into a museum and park across the street from the new stadium - with the Mawnstah intact. My reason: because I believe the left-field wall yields too many cheap doubles and blocks too many homers. It changes the game too much, and I think has historically been a disadvantage to the Sox. Plus, admit it, it's pretty grungy. Especially underneath.

But now that we got our World Series championship ring? KEEP FENWAY FOREVAH. OK, so... I'm a hypocrite. What are you?


Blogger thebets said...

You're not a hypocrite. You're just jealous. Dead freakin' jealous.

5:21 PM  
Anonymous Nat O. said...

I was the exact opposite about this. Unitl we won the series, I wanted them to keep Fenway. But now that we've done it all, I say "fuck it, I want a new park". Mainly, though, because I'm sick of the outrageous ticket prices.

3:55 PM  

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