Monday, June 13, 2005

The June Swoon

I can't wait until we're past this National League nonsense and back to reality. I could whine and say the AL East's draw of the NL Central - with an imbalance of home/away games - will adversely impact the wildcard race. (It will... but I won't.) And after we're done with Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, we have to go visit our red-hot "rival" in Philadelphia - a team that, like the Braves, no one else in the AL East has to play. Hmm...

Having said that, if there was one series I would have liked to go to this year, it was the Cubs-Sox at Wrigley. It looked like a blast this weekend - even Nomar was smiling. Gee, do you think we might have anything in common with Cubs fans? I guarantee we would have made some new friends and would have been chatting non-stop. A baseball rivalry based on commiseration and mutual affection - imagine that!

Theo went on record this weekend as saying he's running out of patience. But I have to think he's just talking to make it look good. Hey Theo - you let Pedro and Lowe go, now you have to pay the price. You know better than anyone that the Sox can actually be worse than they were last year and still win it all! If he's like me, Theo won't REALLY begin to fret until either the Orioles or Yankees start to put it together. And neither of them are showing even the slightest sign. Even if the Big Unit really is back, who picks up the slack on days 2 through 5? And Sidney Ponson? Puh-LEEZ.

In many ways, this season is playing into the Sox' hands. I know it's not text book, but they are clearly still hung over from last year and pacing themselves. Thankfully, they've proven that they can summon the energy - and the magic - whenever they need it. And that makes me feel good about August and September. Remember, it's all about pitching, kids. And since we may not be able to count on Schilling at all this year, the million-dollar question is whether Clement, Wakefield, Arroyo, Miller and Wells will be there to answer the call. Does that rotation look weak to you? Funny... because the only pitching staffs that look any better to me are in the National League.

Sox up: Johnny D, Wells, Youk, Mike Myers
Sox down: Bellhorn, Arroyo, Halama, Mantei


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