Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Injuns

Nice win last night, because Cleveland is arguably the hottest team in the AL right now. Whaddya bet they can catch the ChW? I have a good feeling that Bronson can keep it going. This is a good test for him. I'm also pretty happy with the starters right now, for the most part. Over the weekend, Wake pitched like a Greek God but got no support, while Mr. Miller was shaky and the bats had to bail him out. And don't listen to the idiots on TV - Manny is Money. Embree and Foulke both have a couple of decent outings under their belts now, so maybe the worst of that is over. But probably not - I'm starting to emotionally prepare for the 2nd-half roller coaster!

Another plus sign - we're suddenly within 2 games of the Os. I'm really looking forward to playing them head to head. In fact, we may have to go to Baltimore for the next series. Another possibility - Sox/Phillies in the Ballpark this weekend!

But don't look over your shoulder folks - I think I hear a freight train comin'! Until last night's loss to the D-Rays, the Yankees were winning, and winning all types of games. Nailbiters, blow-outs, even a few 7th inning comebacks that set up Flash and Mariano. Kinda like the real Yankees used to do...


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