Monday, June 06, 2005

Evan and Nathan's Monday Morning IM

Evan: the 2005 yankees are an UNBELIEVABLE greek tragedy
Nathan: yes
Evan: you know who they kind of remind me of though? the 2004 Red Sox, who were also at .500 and falterning at this point last year
Nathan: and they unbelievably suck
Evan: faltering
Nathan: sucking
Evan: they started an impromptu chant of yankees suck at the mets game last nite on espn... didn't know that was a mets thing
Evan: maybe they are one game better at the moment and feeling superior? hmm

Nathan: yeah
Nathan: and, the yankees suck
Nathan: I'm a little miffed at torre
Nathan: he's pulling a freakin' bobby valentine move this year
Nathan: shuffling and shuffling and shuffling the freakin' lineup
Nathan: quit it, JOE!
Evan: agree
Nathan: I'll blog my lineup
Evan: if they released giambi - do you think anyone would pick him up?
Nathan: no
Nathan: someone will not
Nathan: here's my order:
Nathan: leadoff - jeter
Nathan: a-rod second
Nathan: matsui third
Nathan: sheff fourth
Nathan: DH fifth
Nathan: posada 6th
Nathan: tino 7th
Nathan: cano 8th
Nathan: womack 9th
Evan: who are the dh's
Nathan: who knows?
Nathan: :)
Nathan: bernie, sierra, and giambi
Nathan: all can bat leftie
Evan: sheff 3rd, matsui 4th - sheff deserves more ABs
Nathan: so it mixes it up rightie/leftie/rightie
Nathan: can’t do 3 righties in a row
Evan: he sierra comes back hot, that could be a sparkplug
Nathan: YUP
Nathan: he just needs the bats
Nathan: and torre needs to give them to him
Nathan: he can get SUPER hot
Nathan: williams isn't going to get hot
Nathan: and giambi isn't
Nathan: they've proven it
Nathan: sierra is MONEY
Evan: how about bernie in left... bench womack... cano at 2nd
Nathan: I like that
Nathan: womack and cano can platoon
Evan: one of those 3 has to go
Nathan: yup
Nathan: left is tough, though
Nathan: because it's so big
Evan: if they release giambi, do they have to pay him? was his contract guaranteed?
Nathan: it's not like fenway where you only have 200 square feet to patrol... ;)
Nathan: they do pay him
Nathan: they'd be better off trading him
Nathan: and eating a HUGE portion of his contract
Evan: yeah, but shorter throw than from the monuments
Nathan: they could probably trade him to oakland
Nathan: true, dat.
Evan: they shouldn't wait til july 31... they could be done by then
Nathan: williams throws like a freakin' girl.
Evan: they are gonna go on a massive winning streak... they are the 2004 sox... all this potential roiling beneath the surface
Nathan: we'll see
Nathan: :)


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