Friday, June 24, 2005

Blue's Clues

Well Blue,

Baseball is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, cloaked in wonder, and found in a box of crackerjacks. We're almost at the halfway point and against all preconceived notions of the 2005 season, I'm wondering if you might slash your wrists. I'm glad you are kicking everyone's butt in the fantasy league. As your resident pop-psychoanalyst, I think that's keeping you glued together. As for me, I'm not ready to daydream about a matching set of rings yet, and I'm sinking in the fantasy league standings like an angry camel in quicksand. Having said that...

I'm standing by my original playoff picks. I still say the Yankees finish with the best record in the AL, but only with 99. They will put it together big-time in Aug and early Sept. How can they NOT with that lineup, plus a steaming hot Unit? They ARE very weird, what with the 20-run blow-outs, followed almost every time by 5-run losses. But the Yankees are neither down nor out. In fact, considering everything, they are FRIGHTENINGLY close. However, they won't be able to handle Bos, Min OR Tex in the playoffs. And for the record, I do NOT believe in the Os or the ChW. But I do believe in StL, mostly due to their pitching.

Q&A for Blue:

1. Summarize your overall state of being here on planet earth.
2. What is your current thinking on order of finish for AL East, and AL playoff outcome?
3. If I had asked you on April 1, how many Yankee wins would you have projected by June 24?
4. Top 3 things/people you blame; Top 3 things/people you don't blame
5. What can they do to get their mojo back?

Word association game:
- Giambi
- Randy
- A-Rod
- Womack
- Tino
- Posada
- Bernie
- Sheffield
- Godzilla
- Jeter
- Cano
- Long Duk Dong (or whatever)
- Mariano
- Flash
- Bullpen
- Starters
- George
- Mets
- New stadium
- Manny
- Rotisserie


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