Friday, June 24, 2005

Blue's Answers

Here you go...

1. Summarize your overall state of being here on planet earth.

Pleasantly buzzed...
2. What is your current thinking on order of finish for AL East, and AL playoff outcome?

Finish order: Boston, Yankees, Orioles, Toronto, Devil Rays
Playoff outcome: Minnesota beats Boston, Texas beats Chicago, Minnesota beats Texas
3. If I had asked you on April 1, how many Yankee wins would you have projected by June 24?

47. Thanks for rubbing it in.
4. Top 3 things/people you blame; Top 3 things/people you don't blame

I don't blame people. Dirtdogs do. Just kidding! I blame Steinbrenner, Cashman, and Torre. They should have known that 3 NL pitchers would get shelled in the AL. They also should know that you can't keep mucking with the lineup! And, what the hell is with the Tony Womack experiment? Enough, already!!! They guy stinks. Put Bernie back in center and get your lineup solidified! Sheesh.
I don't blame A-Rod. I don't blame Bernie. I don't blame Giambi.
5. What can they do to get their mojo back?
Get rid of Womack, choose a lineup and stick with it. Play that lineup every single day, with the exception of Posada. Rest him twice a week. Flaherty can handle it and it will keep him fresh for August and Septemeber.

Word association game:
- Giambi
- Randy

Overpaid (and not Beltran)
- A-Rod

- Womack

Shouldn't be playing
- Tino

Better than Russ Johnson
- Posada

- Bernie

Put him back in center!
- Sheffield

- Godzilla

Great DH
- Jeter

- Cano

- Long Duk Dong (or whatever)

Quit making fun of my people!
- Mariano

Number 1
- Flash

Gives me ulcers
- Bullpen

- Starters

Blecchh / I miss Lieber, Pettite, Vasquez, and Weaver
- George

Best Owner in the game
- Mets

Why can't they get good pitching?
- New stadium
Current stadium is old, old, old. Plus, why give money to the owners of the Royals and Devil Rays? After all, they don't spend it on their team, they just put it in their pockets...
- Manny

With the possible exception of Brandon Inge, he's my favorite player
- Rotisserie



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