Friday, June 17, 2005

Around the Bellhorn

Tonite, Miller can make it 5 straight butt-kickin’, ginger-snappin’, Tabasco-flavored starts. How cool would THAT be? He was the last one to get shelled, against ChiC last week. And Schilling’s back with the team. So right at this little snapshot in time in Sox history, things are lookin’ rosy.

1B – We’re lucky to have Olerud. Did I already say that? For whatever reason, Millah can’t seem to shoulder the load for a full season. Having said that, I’ll be glad to have BOTH of them come Sept.

2B – I am Mr. Positive this year, but this is a weak spot. Why not give Vazquez a little more PT? And Youk doesn’t look too bad there, either. Come on Tito, it’s not as if Bellhorn’s a genius with the leather. Can Hanley Ramirez from Portland play 2nd? I know he hasn't been hitting well, but he's probably frustrated... why not bring him up now to get a taste?

SS – I’m happy. Yes I am. 5 points for Theo. And we know ER is clutch because he got the season-ending walk-off hit in the Marlins series.

3B – Billy Mill lives! But I’d still like to see him win a game or two single-handedly, just to make sure he still can. And why not get the AVG up to at least .300? I love you bro, but bring me the AVG.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hanley's down on the DL for a while, I would love to see him take Bellhorn's spot. All Bellhorn seems to do is strike out. Tito says it's okay that he strikes out because everyone else is a contact hitter. NO IT'S NOT! You can never afford a guy who strikes out all the time and gets cheap singles when he does get a hit. I think that Mueller should move over to second (if the knee can hold up) and that Youk stays at third. When the contract thing becomes an issue and the DL stints expire, put Hanley in, I'd LOVE to see it.

-The Elite Lips (or the Liberal Lips, whatever makes you giggle more)

1:44 PM  

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