Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Acid Flashback

This is kinda weird: We were also 40-30 on this date last year. How do I know? It's my birthday! Seems like we were recovering from a serious swoon and just starting to head in the right direction. Then July ended up being ugly anyway.

For reference, I noticed this morning that we are back in the wildcard slot, and we'd also be the wildcard in the NL. We would be 2nd in every division, but 1st in the NL West.

The Yankees did another monster Run pile-up last nite. Seems they do that once a week. I guess that's how they work out all their anxieties. Overall, it's kinda getting interesting. The Js are beating up on the Os a little bit which is making things tight. Whatever. It beats the Yankees already being ahead by 14 games (which is what is should be). And yes, Arroyo beat the Injuns last nite and is back to being Arroyo.

Today's theory: If we can fix the Millers we'll be sittin' pretty. And by Millers, I mean Miller, Mueller, Millar. And Bellhorn. He's a token Miller.


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