Thursday, May 12, 2005

Walk-off Mania

Well, that was fun, huh kids? Happy days are here - in fact they never left. Fun fun fun, but I wouldn't like to be Mrs. Octavio Dotel this weekend. What people aren't saying is what we really learned this week: Oakland and Seattle are DISMAL.

Acid flashback: I'll never forget how hard I laughed upon reading that Manny and Millah tried to pull off Cabrera's pants in the post walk-off melee at home plate last September. You KNOW that same thing was going on in the scrum on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Millah walk-off was straight out of the Manny text book: Kick the ball around a couple of times on defense then bail the team out on your final at-bat of the day. Gotta be drinking the same kool-aid as Manny. As a bonus, he promised the birthday girl from the Cheesecake Factory that if he HR'd he would dedicate it to her. He obviously has a better PR guy than A-Rod, who scored zero brownie points even after rescuing a kid from an oncoming car... in Boston.

The Varitek walk-off, on the other hand, was from the Varitek text book. He hit a good pitch, low and inside - and recognized instantly that the best thing (maybe the only thing) he could do with it was wrap it around the Pesky Pole. The Sox hitter's pitch-count strategy reduces yet another rabid closer to a whimpering puppy.

The Yankees feasted on Oak-Sea too. In fact there's more feasting to come out on the west coast - and only 3 games for the pinstripes to get to .500. The Orioles have to feel us starting to breathe down their necks. Right Blue? ...

Blue? .... BLUUUUE?


Blogger What's Shakin'? said...

I heard Blue was superstitious and doesn't want to post an entry for fear of jinxing his beloved Yankees. I also have it on good authority that he hasn't changed his underwear either. Hope he doesn't get a rash.

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