Thursday, May 26, 2005

A-Rod = Clutch?

The debate goes on and on. In fact, Red and I were talking about it earlier today. People up and down the eastern corridor between New York and Boston are always moaning/jeering that A-Rod isn't clutch. It's on sports radio. It's discussed at the water coolers. It's talked about it bars. We all know that he's money at the plate. But, is he money when the cash is needed or is he money only after the Yankees have visited the bank? Well, tonight the Yanks were strapped for cash and he was MONEY. Down 2-3 to the Tigers, he absolutely crushed a 2-run dinger to help them win the game. Certainly, this lone incident of money-ness will not get the monkey off his back, but it will definitely, definitely help.

Oh, one more thing: The Yankees have won 15 of the last 17 to get to second place while the Red Sox loss to the Jays have dropped them down to fourth. This weekend is going to be very, very interesting.


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