Friday, May 27, 2005

Memorial Day, NYC Style

Today, a new tale of woe from my life as a Sox fan, awash in the sea of pinstripes in metro NYC:

While on the treadmill this morning, I was watching, as always, the Channel 4 morning team on "Today in New York."
I think the reporter was Darlene Rodriguez. She explained that the Yankees and Red Sox were playing three at the Stadium this weekend, starting tonite with Wake v. Unit.

She went on to explain, with a straight face (as if this were breaking news), that there was a long-standing rivalry between the teams that went back more than 100 years and that, wow check this out, the Rivalry was not always PLEASANT.

Here's what I said (out loud, as if she could hear me): "As if there's a single person left in New York City OR ON PLANET EARTH FOR THAT MATTER who has no idea that there is a long-standing and not-always-pleasant rivalry between the Yankees and Red Sox."

She then went on to introduce a lengthy video segment which she said would provide highlights of some of the rivalry's most memorable moments. She then proceeded to explain, in excruciating detail, the following 3 (THREE!) legendary events from Yankees-Sox lore:

1. Bucky Dent's home run.
2. Aaron Boone's home run.
3. Derek Jeter's diving catch into the stands.

When I realized there were no other highlights to be seen, here's what I said (out loud again): "Lord, hear our prayer."

She then concluded the story by reporting, incorrectly, that the rivalry has traditionally been one-sided. Her proof was that the Yankees have won 26 world series and the Sox have won only 1 (in fact last year was their 6th). Okaaaaaaay... maybe it's me, but I don't recall the Sox and Yankees playing each other in any world series.

When she threw it back to the anchor desk, I think it was Chris Cimino who took the bait. He paused, took a breath, and said the following line... A line that will be immortalized in the pantheon of classic news-talk banter: "So... I guess the greatest collapse in the history of modern sports did not rate a mention on your list of highlights?"

Her reply: "Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha... NO."

Here's what I said (more or less, minus the family-inappropriate reaction of disdain): "Have you people been possessed by the YES Network?"

I said it to myself.


Blogger The Rivals said...

Are you saying that the Boston reporters aren't biased? Please. In any case, who cares? You know the truth, why do you have to get so mad about some loser local newscaster??? Why?


9:33 PM  
Blogger The Rivals said...

1. No, Boston reporters are NOT biased in favor of the team. They have historically been ruthlessly (!?) against the team. It was a big part of the problem. Peter Gammons is still doing it with his dopey Manny tirade. I haven't been to Boston this year, but I'm sure the reporters are comically conflicted.

2. I wouldn't have written about it if she said "here are some great Yankee moments." I would have turned the channel. But she said "here are some great Rivalry moments." And I wasn't mad, I was bemoaning the detail of her highlights... until her broadcast partner made his classic rejoinder and made it all worthwhile.

6:05 PM  

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